The Beauty Club

“Make the world more beautiful with your smile and radiant face!”

In the Beauty Club I bring all my knowledge from my experiences of the last 30 years
and cooperation with stars and starlets.
You will get simple exercises for face and body,
that improve your appearance and give you well-being on all levels.
In addition, I pass on old beauty recipes to you, which hardly anyone knows anymore.

Goal of the Beauty Club:

Lasting beauty without Botox and beauty surgery

These four steps make Yoga4Face so effective:

Face muscle training | Inner reorientation | Reset your cells by secondary plant substances | Targeted breathing exercises

With 30 minutes a day you look younger after 30 days on your Selfies,
Your face glows and you have firmer skin.

Now you have the chance to study yourself without any previous knowledge or a long time,
to let me introduce you to a new beauty routine and the secrets of the stars.

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Your benefit:

Besides the visible changes in your face you will feel that you gain inner strength and self-love.
You will react more relaxed to the challenges of life.
You will feel yourself better and an inner peace can spread within you.
Experience how you can stay strong, radiant and beautiful.

Facts and figures 🙂

Reduce costs for beauty products
20% less wrinkles
D.I.Y. Creams & Masks
Beautiful & radiant into old age
More mobility & flexibility
Better body awareness
Coordination skills are improved
Prevention for long lasting health
Sight is strengthened

And the best thing is:

Together it is easier, you stay motivated and in action.
Unfold your most beautiful “I”, become a role model and inspire others with your radiance.

The motto is:
Stay true to yourself and unfold your true beauty, without Botox and cosmetic surgery.

The vision is: 
“Let us together and lastingly
make this planet more beautiful and radiant”.

What is the beauty club:
Online membership
* 1x per week one hour live training
* 1x per week question & answer 1 hour session live
* Bonus: Time4me Video Course: With 30 minutes a day you look younger after only 30 days on your selfies,
                                                     Your face glows and you have firmer skin.

* Beauty ritual for morning and evening
* S.O.S KIT – beautiful, radiant and stress-free in 20 minutes