Yoga4Face: 1 on 1 Coaching




What can you expect?

You are not a number, but you have your unique beauty that we want to see unfold and shine into the world. This is why you can have your personal private coaching here.

I will have a close and careful look at what exactly you need and how we can best integrate it in your daily life.

I will be right at your side to support you to take time for yourself.

It is vital that every woman becomes aware of and recognises her qualities.

Plus, your success and happiness are reflected in your face.

Your face is what people see first, let them see your unique and natural beauty.

Are you ready to unleash your radiance?
Are you ready to quit the faster-higher-further chase because you re-connected with yourself and started to see the price you have been paying for it? No cream or mask will help you…

Do you want your radiance back?
Do you want to recognize yourself in the mirror once again?
Do you want to put yourself first again, but you don’t really know how to?

If you are still searching for the path,

  • where you don’t have to fight for success leaving you exhausted and depleted, but that naturally comes from within you..
  • that is 100% natural, no side-effects, and no beauty surgery!
  • where there is room for your uniqueness and your heart.
  • where you rediscover and rebuild yourself.
  • where you gain more than just a new appearance and leave a positive impact on this world
  • where you experience your beauty growing from a new awareness of yourself.

…Then you are absolutely right here!

I will accompany and support you on your path to radiance. And we shall do it in an easy, elegant and fulling fashion, because this is how it is done with Yoga4Face.

For me, Yoga4Face means self-actualization on all levels.
It is joy, ease, and stands for uniqueness and unity with oneself.
You are unique and perfect – it’s just that nobody ever told you.
But don’t worry, you are not alone. I have walked the path and I would love to support and accompany you through private coaching and mentoring.

Here are your options,

  • to organise your daily routines in a way which suits you perfectly and fit into your life style.
  • to gain a new sense of awareness of yourself and your own beauty to be in this world with a new sense of inner confidence and lightness.
  • to show the world your uniqueness and bring change with it.
  • to really learn to know and appreciate yourself and who you are, and to use it to transform
  • to experience yourself as unmistakably and wonderfully unique, so you can be successful the way you are – in a way that is your very own, elegant and beautiful.

Yoga4Face: Silver Mentoring

1 Month - 1:1 Coaching

Your personal programme that will unleash your radiance. Experience the Yoga4Face method in a 1:1 conversation with Renée. The programme is just for you and personolized to your needs. Your face, your radiance and your whole life will change in a few sessions. It is the starter programme for your goals and visions.

Yoga4Face: Gold Mentoring

3 Months - 1:1 Coaching

With Gold Mentoring you are able to profoundly improve your whole appearance and your radiance through conversations and work sessions with Renée. In addition to 10 sessions of 45 min, which will be set according to your time-schedule, you will receive the complete Yoga4Face starter-set.

Yoga4Face: Diamond Mentoring

6 Months - 1:1 Coaching

The intensive package for your life! If you choose the diamond mentoring, you will receive individually personalized content, material and mind-set transformations. You receive 18 sessions with Renée, set according to your schedule, that will change your life forever. In addition, you receive the complete Yoga4Face-set with the book, the DVD, meditation, oils and much more.