Yoga4Face: Develop your radiance

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The Bestseller by Renée Isermann

Yoga4Face is the most natural method, to carry your dazzling and contagious smile shine into the world, boost your self-esteem and reverse the signs of aging to create a fresh and unique look.

The certified Yoga4Face coach Renée Isermann combines the specific exercises with 100% natural therapeutic essential oils.

It’s a full package-deal – from beauty and anti-aging tips & tricks, such as the egg-white face mask or the ‘hot roll’, to advice and support for a healthy diet and a personal realignment. This program helps you to become timelessly beautiful, healthy and happy in a natural way.

Practice Yoga4Face and experience a magical change in your face!

The Yoga4Face Method by Renée Isermann

Change your life in just 4 Steps

The Yoga4Face-Method is based on Renée Isermann’s knowledge and experience of over 30 years.

The method includes a wide range of different exercises for the face and poses for the body combined with intentional breathing to improve your physical look and extend your well-being on all levels. Additionally, the method uses the ancient knowledge of essential oils.

Step 1: Facial muscle training

Step 2: Internal reorientation

Step 3: Essential Oil Reset

Step 4: Intentional breathing

Through regular practice, you will look younger, with a radiant smile and firmer skin. This will have a positive effect your self-esteem, your self-awareness and your self-confidence.

Yoga4Face: Your ultimate self-fulfillment

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Media reports and recommendations

Fukimo Takatsu
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Open-minded, cheerful, curious, caring, balanced and a natural beauty - that is Renée. I am also so impressed by her passion and love for what she loves: essential oils, face yoga and balance in life.
Birgit Kranz
Read More
An all around beautiful and inspiring book for natural beauty that can be trained by Yoga 4 face. The book itself is designed with a fine sense of beauty: colorful and visually appealing.
Petra Maria Baum
Read More
My initial skepticism turned into conviction and therefore a big thank you to the author and the Schirner Verlag. I can recommend this book without exception to anyone who wants to actively contribute to personal well-being and anti-aging.