Yoga4Face: Courses

30 days video course

Achieve success in the long term

Essential Core Training

Level 1 - Basic Training

In the taster course I will show you selected facial exercises, from my book Yoga4Face, which you can playfully integrate into your everyday life anytime and anywhere.

Level 2 - 30 day course

This is what you can expect in the 30-day video course

Now you have the chance, without prior knowledge or long study around,
30 days to let me take you by the hand to learn a new beauty routine. To unfold every day your most beautiful "I"!

Level 3 - Beauty Club

At Beauty Club, you have the space and make sure you take time for yourself to stay beautiful and radiant in the long run without toxic injections and plastic surgery. 

Here you get all my knowledge from 30 years of experience
and collaboration with stars and starlets.

And the best thing is: you are not alone. I'll show you simple exercises for face and body that will improve your appearance and give you well-being on all levels.

In addition, there are old beauty recipes that hardly anyone knows anymore.

Essential Core Training

Besides the visible changes in your upper body, you will feel that you gain strength and composure. Your body straightens up again, which has a positive effect on your performance.

You sharpen your perception of your body and your environment.
You react noticeably more calmly to the challenges of life.