My mission: beautify the planet

For me, it was always about performance.

I was an extremely serious child who was only allowed to learn to smile much later. As a competitive athlete, I ignored the limits of my body, then I made a career as a saleswoman in a large corporation. There, too, there was little to laugh about.

I fled to Austria before a burnout. It took another painful failed relationship and three lost children, along with the associated feelings of despair, guilt, shame and disgrace, before I managed to steer my life in a new direction.

In my face the traces of pain, grief and effort could not be denied.

I did not want to accept that. My pioneering spirit was awakened.

With the Face Yoga method, I discovered a whole new approach to myself and my life. I found the connection to the healing powers of essential oils, which I had already worked with intensively before, particularly exciting. All my knowledge and experience now flowed together and made new sense.

I am now happy to pass on this wealth of knowledge to you.

Inspiration and love are my motivation. I want to show you that you too can use every day to make it your most beautiful. 

By sending your smile into the world and receiving it back in the same turn. In the form of the precious gift of a radiant personality.

As a gift to yourself, to the people around you and to the entire planet.

In our collaboration I will show you how to

  • discover new zest for life with more ease,
  • Gain inner independence by freeing yourself from external judgments and limitations,
  • recognize the best of all your talents, experiences and adventures and bring them into a new format.

Yoga4Face: My book for you

The bestselling book by Renée Isermann

In my bestselling book, learn why yoga for the face is the most natural way to bring a radiant smile to the world. Experience how you can increase your self-worth and at the same time replace the traces of age with an engagingly fresh expression.

Benefit from numerous tips on skin care and effective anti-aging methods. Learn more about the protein mask and the "hot roll". Or find out how proper nutrition and mental alignment, together with Yoga4Face, can keep you attractive, healthy and, above all, happy into old age.

Practice Yoga4Face and experience the magic in your face!