In the Yoga4Face method I have developed my  
Knowledge and my experience of 30 years put into practice.
Simple exercises for face and body that will improve your appearance
and give you well-being on all levels.
In addition, it provides insights into the ancient secrets of beauty recipes,
which was already used by Cleopatra.

Yoga4Face: Develop your radiance

These 4 steps make the Yoga4Face method so effective:

Now you have the chance to get started without prior knowledge or long studying around,
 30 days to be introduced by me to a new beauty - rituals ,
so that you unfold your most beautiful "I"!
Yoga4Face method
This is what you can expect in the 30 day video course
  • Schedule 15 minutes in the morning & evening. You will get a simple & clear structure to awaken your radiance every day 
  • Yoga4Face + Beauty Ritual - Your guide for the right inner attitude 
  • Yoga4Face + Beauty Routine - Clear guide to your daily facial care routine.
  • Yoga4Face + 12 training videos + extensive bonus material
  • Yoga4Face Facebook group - for your questions and long-term motivation