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Do you want to create your own full-time or part-time business? meaningful Business build upwith which
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Do you want to learn how to stop the aging process with completely natural methods? Aging process
stop and the life of your customers a completely new quality?
Do you want to be part of a alive Communitythat supports you every step of the way?
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New moon May 19, 2023

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Your advantages through Yoga4Face:

🌿 You will learn how to naturally reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and rejuvenate the face in the long term.

You can add a whole new quality to the lives of your customers.

🌿 You have the chance to build a sustainable business with meaning as your main or secondary profession.

🌿 You become part of the vibrant Yoga4Face community that supports you every step of the way.

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Catrin Glanze

Naturopath and mental coach

In September 2020, during the time of government-imposed gridlock, I got a longing for beauty and movement. I searched for a long time for a suitable online offer - and finally found Renée and her
30 Day Challenge Yoga4Face. Already the Challenge moved a lot in me. I quickly felt better, fresher, more attractive - I was glowing again. I wanted more of that, wanted to bring that glow to my patients as well, and decided to take the Yoga4Face trainer training. Even today I have to smile about how spontaneously that happened.

The trainer training captivated me from the first day, because Renée is always about the whole, about body, mind, soul. I learned and felt how gestures, the smallest, delicate movements affect the energy level and the psyche, which regions of the face correspond with other regions of the body ... Not that I was surprised about these connections as a healer. But, I could now feel myself much better. Renée mainly gives impulses in the trainer training and leaves a lot of room for one's own perception and discovery. She has been very successful in competitive sports for many years. But neither in her trainings nor in the education it is about performance. Her profound experiences from the demanding sport - especially her insights from the suffering afterwards - flow noticeably into the training. That's why self-awareness is probably the central aspect of the trainer training. Renée opens doors, pushes, waits, accompanies lovingly. Her way of teaching is attentive, energetically balancing and always rousing and entertaining. After a training you feel refreshed, smoothed and strengthened.

I can recommend the Yoga4Face training to anyone who wants to discover something new for themselves, realign themselves or literally straighten up. You yourself benefit enormously - internally and externally. You will not only train muscles in your face and body - you will train your intuition and body awareness.
And you will feel like passing on Yoga4Face to others.



The 4 steps of the Yoga4Face method

Yoga4Face method

Why the training is worthwhile for you!

Renée Isermann in conversation with Tina Hartl, participant of Yoga4Face training

Tina Hartl worked for 20 years as an entrepreneur in the hairdressing trade with a focus on cosmetics.

In this conversation, she shares her experience, what Yoga4Face has changed for you, and why she is taking the Yoga4Face Coach training.

In our initial consultation we will explain the philosophy behind Yoga4Face and tell you how in this program all Renée's experience of 30 years have come together to create a
unique offering.
You will learn what to expect during your training.
And we will introduce you to the 9 modules and 18 lessons and explain exactly how the course of training will be.
In my webinar I will explain the philosophy behind Yoga4Face and tell you how this program is the result of all my Experience from 30 years have come together to create a
unique offering.
You will find out what to expect during your training.
I will introduce you to the 9 modules and 18 lessons and explain exactly how the course of training will be.

The founder of Yoga4Face: Renée Isermann


Change your life with your smile

"When I looked in the mirror one beautiful summer morning, I was shocked.

What had happened? Where had the glow on my face gone? What did my skin look like? I had let my life draw me.

Since plastic surgery was not an option for me, I set out to find ways to make my life and face shine again.

I found the solution in Face Yoga. In 2017 I completed the training to become a certified Face Yoga trainer with the founder Fumiko Takatsu.

Over time, I expanded Face Yoga into my own method, incorporating my experiences over the past 30 years to add more important steps."

Renée Isermann

Renée Isermann - Successful bestselling author and well-known from radio and TV:

Fumiko Takatsu recommends Yoga4Face

Fumiko Takatsu recommends Yoga4Face®.

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