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The Bestseller by Renée Isermann

Yoga4Face is the most natural method, to carry your dazzling and contagious smile shine into the world, boost your self-esteem and reverse the signs of aging to create a fresh and unique look.

The certified Yoga4Face coach Renée Isermann combines the specific exercises with 100% natural therapeutic essential oils.

It’s a full package-deal - from beauty and anti-aging tips & tricks, such as the egg-white face mask or the ‘hot roll’, to advice and support for a healthy diet and a personal realignment. This program helps you to become timelessly beautiful, healthy and happy in a natural way.

Practice Yoga4Face and experience a magical change in your face!

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The Yoga4Face method by Renée Isermann

Change your life in just 4 Steps

The Yoga4Face-Methode is based on Renée Isermann’s knowledge and experience of over 30 years.

The method includes a wide range of different exercises for the face and poses for the body combined with intentional breathing to improve your physical look and extend your wellbeing on all levels. Additionally, the method uses the ancient knowledge of essential oils.

Step 1: Facial muscle training

Step 2: Internal reorientation

Step 3: Essential Oil Reset

Step 4: Intentional breathing

Through regular practice you will look younger, with a radiant smile and firmer skin. This will have a positive effect your self-esteem, your self-awareness and your self-confidence.

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Yoga4face Methode

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