30 Days Beauty Challenge

In just 30 days: My Yoga4Face Beauty Challenge will make your unique beauty shine - No matter what has taken place in your life.

Maybe the participation in my Beauty Hour has given you a taste for it? Or you have recognized yourself, your needs and desires in one of my appearances in the media? I am happy that you now decide to reawaken your natural beauty and radiance. One of the keys is to regain your inner well-being and conjure it into your face. You've probably heard the saying "true beauty comes from within". In my 30 day Beauty Challenge, I'll show you how to bring back your beauty radiance from the inside out.

Maybe you have not been happy with your appearance for some time - and now you want to look younger and more relaxed in just 30 days with my help? Without toxic injections or other expensive aids? In my Beauty Challenge, you will experience in 30 days that this is actually possible. Take a look at the before and after pictures of previous participants on this page. The prerequisite for lasting success is, of course, to internalize what you have learned in the course and to keep at it in the future. The point is to transform the bad or painful experiences mentioned at the beginning, which have so far been reflected in your face, into a rejuvenating, self-confident glow.

Although my Yoga Beauty Challenge is only scheduled for 30 days, its rejuvenating effects will last many times longer if you regularly take a few minutes for yourself and the unique Yoga4Face exercises.

Benefit with just 30 minutes a day in my 30 day challenge for all future

"Challenge" means as much as "competition" or "challenge" - and this you actually face. The fantastic thing about my Beauty Challenge is that there are basically only winners, because you will challenge yourself and get to know yourself anew. For exactly 30 days I will accompany you with my Yoga4Face-Challenge, so that you can continue on your own afterwards. In detail you will benefit from ...

  • one video per day for your beauty routine, which you can use for 90 days
  • the daily impulses that I pass on to you and the group of participants
  • A total of four joint live coaching sessions during the Monthly Challenge
  • as well as the ultimate Zoom graduation gala to make your success visible and to celebrate and appreciate you.

On each of these 30 days, you invest 15 minutes in the morning and evening to internalize the four building blocks of my Beauty Challenge - from inner realignment to facial muscle training and relaxation phases as well as targeted breathing exercises to anchoring the results with the help of essential oils and vital substances.

Get to know my ideas in the Beauty Hour - and implement them in the Yoga4Face Challenge

Have I convinced you of the unique benefits of my Yoga4Face Challenge? Or would you like more information? Then simply take part in my online Beauty Hour once and for free! It is a "trial hour" in which you will discover how relaxing and rejuvenating Yoga4Face can be for your face and your entire personality. Just try it out - you will be thrilled and surely want to participate in our joint challenge to bring more lightness into your everyday life in the future. Experience yoga benefits in a new way. I am looking forward to meeting you!

With radiant greetings

Your Renée