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After 40 you are responsible for your own face!

Every morning, you look in the mirror and you ask yourself:
Where has my youthful beauty gone?
Time has taken its toll, and your stressful life now shows the wear and tear, leaving lines and wrinkles.

You look exhausted.
The corners of your mouth point downwards.
Is this the aging process? I say NO!!!
It is only a reflection of how you have mistreated yourself in the past. Life is a gift, and you can enjoy it more than ever before

Questions for you?

How much do you love yourself?
Do you want to live and enjoy your life?
Are you sitting in a self-created prison?
How much time do you take for yourself every day?

I am glad you are here. Smile!

Yoga means:
“To unfold your uniqueness on all levels of your being.”

Yoga4Face is a simple 4-step structure to unfold your unique beauty again by creating a union of your mind, body, soul, and universal consciousness.

Reconnect and truly feel yourself, and recognize who you really are!
The 4 steps are playfully built into your everyday life so that after 30 days, you feel sexy, attractive, free, and beautiful in your skin again, ready to conquer the world with your smile.

Ready to conquer life with a sexier you?

Your journey in rediscovering yourself is a step-by-step process, and I hold your hand, guiding you to unfold your youthful radiance and your self-confidence.

My heart accompanies you with each step and showers you with a warm and inviting charm that is sprinkled with fairy dust because we believe.

Start right away with the transformation course Time4Me”

Let’s have a get-to-know-each-other conversation!
Have questions, this 30-minute call will help you decide what is best for you.



Radiant greetings,

In only 4 steps to your new life

Facial muscle training

+ smooth wrinkles and look younger
+ improved facial symmetry
+ improved blood circulation
+ improved oxygen supply


+ activate your personal fountain of youth
+ detox & actively release old structures
+ Realignment through body awareness
+ Experience yourself in harmony

Inner realignment

+ you gain charisma & attractiveness
+ improved self-awareness
+ develop self-love
+ a healthy self-confidence

Essential Oils & Vital Substance Reset:

+ epigenetic reprogramming
+ energy for realignment
+ basis for active cell communication
+ balancing of the hormone balance

Successful bestselling author and known from radio and TV:

Fumiko Takatsu empfiehlt Yoga4Face

Yoga4Face the bestselling book

“Enjoy the information,
feel the love, passion and care
that Renée conveys in this book.”

recommended by Fumiko Takatsu
Founder of the Face Yoga Method®

SOS Package

English and German



Quickly get out of stress

Come into your inner peace.

Bild: finde-deinen-frieden



Awakening of the 12 Archetypes


A spiritual journey of consciousness
to leave your inner prisons.



Time for me


30 Day




With only 30 minutes daily
awaken your radiance anew
let wrinkles disappear playfully
Feel sexy, attractive beautiful again



Time for me

Talk with me 

1:1 with Renée


You still have questions about which

program is right for you.

Book your conversation with me now

and find clarity.

The Beauty Club

For long-term radiance


Join the club with great women to help you achieve your goal and stay motivated.



Start New Moon

You will learn how to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and how to rejuvenate the face in the long term.
You can give a completely new quality to the life of your clients
You have the chance
in your main or
a meaningful business




Renée Isermann

Founder of Yoga4Face® and successful author

My mission: To beautify the world

For me, it was always about performance. I was an extremely serious child who only learned to smile much later. As a competitive athlete, I ignored the limits of my body, then I made a career as a saleswoman in a large corporation. There, too, there was little to laugh about.
I fled to Austria to escape a burnout. It took another painful failed relationship and three lost children, along with the associated feelings of despair, guilt, shame and disgrace, before I managed to steer my life in a new direction.
With the Face Yoga method I discovered a completely new approach to myself and my life. And became aware of my mission…

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