From 40 you are responsible for your own face!

You stand in front of the mirror every morning and ask yourself: Where has my radiance gone?
Time, your life, your emotions have suddenly carved visible traces on your face?
You look exhausted and the corners of your mouth are pointing down?
I'm glad you're here.
Unfold your radiance and self-confidence anew.
I will help you with this.

In only 4 steps to your new life

Facial muscle training

+ smooth wrinkles and look younger
+ improved facial symmetry
+ improved blood circulation
+ improved oxygen supply


+ Activate your personal fountain of youth
+ Detox & actively release old structures
+ Realignment through body awareness
+ Experience yourself in harmony

Inner realignment

+ you gain charisma & attractiveness
+ improved self-awareness
+ develop self-love
+ a healthy self-confidence

Essential Oils & Vital Substance Reset:

+ epigenetic reprogramming
+ energy for realignment
+ basis for active cell communication
+ balancing of hormone balance

Successful best-selling author and well-known from radio and TV:


Beam show

Live & free of charge!

Every 2nd Wednesday

in the month

Find out in the show where

your wrinkles come from &

how to use your full


Time for me


30 days

With only 30 minutes a day

Reawaken your radiance

make wrinkles disappear playfully

Feel sexy & attractive again



Time for me

Trainer Education

Start new moon
19. May. 23

You learn how to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging and rejuvenate the face in the long term

You can add a whole new quality to the lives of your customers.

You have the chance to build up
a meaningful
business as your main or
sideline job.




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Renée Isermann

Founder of Yoga4Face® and successful author

My mission: beautify the world

For me, it was always about performance. I was an extremely serious child who was only allowed to learn to smile much later. As a competitive athlete, I ignored the limits of my body, then I made a career as a saleswoman in a large corporation. There, too, there was little to laugh about.

I fled to Austria before a burnout. It took another painful failed relationship and three lost children, along with the associated feelings of despair, guilt, shame and disgrace, before I managed to steer my life in a new direction.

With the Face Yoga method I discovered a whole new approach to myself and my life. And became aware of my mission...

Yoga4Face®: Start now for free!

Yoga4Face Wow exercise by Renée Isermann for a natural look without creams, Botox & Co.

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