Personal coaching

Yoga4Face: 1 on 1 Coaching




What is the coaching for?

You are not a 0815 number, but you have an unmistakable beauty that needs to be awakened and brought into the world. That is why there is your own personal training here.

Here I look at exactly what you need and how you can integrate it into your everyday life.

I am by your side so that you take the time for yourself.

Every woman should become aware of your qualities again, everything stands and falls with it.

Moreover, success and happiness can be read in the face.

Your face is your business card- show the world your unique and natural beauty.

Ready for your radiance?
You are ready to get out of the faster-higher-further game, because you feel and see what price you pay for it? No cream or mask is helping you right now....

You long for your radiance back?
You want to recognize yourself in the mirror.
You want to be in the first place again, but don't know how to do that right now?

If you're still looking for a way to do that,

  • that does not lead to success through burn-out and fighting, but comes from your being.
  • Which is 100% natural, without Beauty Doc, without side effect!
  • A path that takes into account your uniqueness and your heart,
  • A way where together with the great whole you reawaken and build yourself up
  • where you achieve more than just appearance from the outside and leave a positive impression in the world
  • where you experience your beauty from a new awareness of yourself.

...then you are right here!

I will accompany you to gain more radiance day by day in a relaxed, elegant and fulfilling way. This is exactly what happens with Yoga4Face.

For me Yoga4Face means self-realization on all levels.
It brings joy of life, lightness, connectedness and uniqueness with yourself.
You are perfect and unique - nobody told you that.
Don't worry, you're not alone - I've walked the path and will gladly support you in Vip Mentoring.

These are your options,

  • to design your daily routine exactly so that it fits perfectly with you and your everyday life.
  • To go into the world with a new awareness of yourself and your beauty, allowing you a whole new sense of inner security and ease.
  • to really bring your uniqueness into the world and change the world with it.
  • to really get to know and appreciate yourself and everything that makes you you and to use it for your transformation
  • to experience yourself as distinctive, so that you can successfully go your way. In your very own, elegant and likeable way.

Yoga4Face: Silver Mentoring

1 month - 1:1 coaching

Your very own personal program that makes you shine! Experience the Yoga4Face method in personal sessions with Renée Isermann. The program is completely focused on you and your needs. Your face, your radiance and your entire life will completely change after just a few sessions. It is the starting session for your goals and visions.

Yoga4Face: Gold Mentoring

3 months - 1:1 coaching

The Gold Mentoring enables you to fundamentally improve your entire appearance, charisma and appearance in personal conversations and work sessions with Renée Isermann within just 3 months. In addition to the 10 sessions of 45 minutes each, which will be distributed over one month according to your schedule, you will receive the complete starter set of the Yoga4Face method.

Yoga4Face: Diamond Mentoring

6 months - 1:1 coaching

The intensive package for your life! With Diamond Mentoring, you'll receive customized content, materials and mindset transformations. The 18 personalized sessions with Renée Isermann adapt to your time and will change your life forever. In addition, you get the complete Yoga4Face set with book, DVD, meditation, oils and much more.