Body4Space: Essential Core Training

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Get rid of jaw, neck, back and shoulder tension playfully!


85% of all people suffer daily from painful tension in the entire upper body area. Classical methods usually only work on the surface and do not help to get to the bottom of the causes.

Massages and similar treatments relieve tensions for the moment, the next day they are usually back!

This training has a lasting effect, because tensions can dissolve. Through the reprogramming of your posture, you create a new basis to rock your everyday life upright.

I myself am always thrilled by the results that my clients tell me. A new body awareness: feeling oneself better and one's own movement patterns change after just a few days and become noticeable. 

Studies show that good posture has a positive effect on the oxygen and blood supply to the brain and thus helps to maintain your health and performance.

With only 10 minutes of daily training you will notice the first noticeable results after a short time!

Your personal benefit

  • Improved charisma and self-confidence
  • Correction of malpositions, lasting release of tension
  • Targeted building of muscle groups
  • Effective exercise against angled arms
  • Beautiful and firmer décolleté
  • Improved concentration and attention
  • Developing more awareness of one's own posture and recognizing and reprogramming unconscious avoidance mechanisms

Experience the positive effects

  • In addition to the visible changes to your upper body, you will gain strength and composure.
  • Your body straightens up again, which has a positive effect on your performance.
  • Your perception of your body and your environment will be sharpened.
  • You react noticeably more calmly to the challenges of life.

Content & Procedure

The training takes place via the online platform "elopage". You will receive a personalized access with the registration. 

  • Daily 10 minutes video lessons 
  • Training content is presented and demonstrated for the day
  • Documents and descriptions are integrated in the video lessons
  • Advice & Action: Contact with the trainer for specific questions is always possible



Flexoring ® Online Training (Basic to Expert)

4 training sessions of 10 minutes each for your independent training per difficulty level

PLUS exclusive head to toe warm up video 

The training included or exclusive Flexoring ® (Please select at checkout):

* Only video lesson Basic to Expert: 

€ 199,00 (one-time payment)

* Flexoring ® + video lesson Basic to Expert: 

€ 249,00 (one time payment)