Yoga4Face: Vorwort zur Methode


Change your life with your smile

“When I looked in the mirror one beautiful summer morning, I was shocked.

What had happened?

Where had the radiance in my face gone?

What did my skin look like?

I had let my life draw me.

Since cosmetic surgery was not an option for me,

I set out to find a way to make my life and my face radiant again.

In face yoga, I found the solution.I graduated in 2017 as a certified Face Yoga instructor with founder Fumiko Takatsu. Over time, I expanded Face Yoga into my own method by incorporating my experiences over the past 30 years, adding more important steps that I will explain in the following sections.”

Renée Isermann

Yoga4Face®: the method

The Yoga4Face method developed by Renée Isermann allows you to connect with your uniqueness in just 4 steps. The traces of aging are naturally reduced, you free yourself from external evaluations and inner limitations, and you regain your own smile and self-confidence.


The method at a glance

  1. Facial muscle training
  2. Inner realignment
  3. Intentional breathing
  4. Essential core RESET


1. Facial muscle training:

First step of Yoga4Face method is targeted activation and relaxation of face and neck muscles with or without hands. This develops a new awareness of oneself, one’s face, habits and communication.

There are about 60 muscles in the face and neck. Renée Isermann learned how these can be specifically trained and relaxed from the founder of Face Yoga Fumiko Takatsu.

An example for more transparency and understanding:

You need 17 muscles to laugh, 43 muscles to pout.

Every form of emotion becomes clearer and more visible on the face over the years. The popular saying is that one is marked by life.

Yoga4Face facial muscle training erases these marks again.


An example for more transparency and understanding:
Laughing requires 17 muscles, pouting requires 43 muscles

Any form of emotion becomes clearer and more visible on the face over the years. The popular saying is that you are marked by life.

Yoga4Face facial muscle training erases these marks again.

2. Inner realignment:

In the second step, inner realignment activates new thought structures to increase self-worth. This involves anchoring the newfound awareness physically by turning the mirror inward.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall….

Let me see my inner beauty”

Outdated entanglements (also called foreign methylation in epigenetics) are dissolved in this step through mental training and the ancient Hawaiian Huna teachings (according to Dr. Diethard Stelzl).


3. Intentional breathing:

Another component of the Yoga4Face® method is conscious breathing.

The emotional and mental state is brought into balance through pranayama (yogic breathing). Purposeful breathing allows for a more mindful and appreciative approach to oneself.

“As you breathe, so you live”.

Andreas Tenzer, lecturer at the University of Münster.


The Yoga4Face®  breathing exercises teach you how to center yourself and replenish and refuel yourself with new energy.


4. Essential core R.E.S.E.T:

To support inner alignment and a new appearance, the Yoga4Face® method also uses ancient knowledge of the natural healing properties of essential oils from French aromatherapy teachings.

“Training the sense of smell is the best brain and anti-aging training”.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hannes Hatt, olfactory researcher at the University of Bochum.

The Yoga4Face method gives guidance on how a complete reprogramming can take place on all levels through the targeted application of various therapeutic essences.


Yoga4Face® –What my clients say

Ilona Raska – alternative practitioner

Here is my summary of yesterday’s Yoga4Face seminar: Thank you to Renee and the wonderful women who attended. An incredible through and through experience. A visible change after just one day of practice, which of course should continue to be practiced daily. But what a change in the whole face! This is a real and genuine beautification and a glow that comes from within. Not to be compared with the mask-like, fake-looking results of injections or “cosmetic surgery”. This is real and it looks real, a holistic beautification that makes us women glow because we do it ourselves and don’t have it done.

Jeanette Pacher – Veterinary Practitioner

I learn per se very much from books, but prefer here the direct seminar with the implementation and if necessary correction of the exercises. Renée illustrates this very charmingly and humorously without missing to connect back to the exercises even after a joke.Renée comes quickly to the point to loosen the screws so that results can be clearly seen. She is a lot of fun to work with. I noticed that all the faces had the corners of their mouths slightly up after the treatment.It is extremely gratifying how quickly you get a positive result! Thank you!”

Denise Wesner – Employee

“I enjoyed the day very much! It was a very relaxing and fun day for me! I was so surprised what you do unconsciously throughout the day with your body and how that is recorded in the face. Really exciting what I was able to learn there! Now I know what I can do about my little wrinkles. At the end of the day I really noticed a change and it was soo remarkable. The best thing about it is that you get so many tips and tricks on how to smooth your skin and everything becomes tighter again and you really do something good for your body! Without any means that you inject yourself! And I find that just soo great! What I have felt very extremely dear Renée is that you were with us with so much love & warmth of heart and I want to thank you again for the wonderful day!

Claudia Greiter – Grafic Designer

“I did the first workshop out of curiosity, because I wanted to understand what Renée was actually doing, so that I could better support her with my work and also honestly recommend her. The fascinating result of this workshop was not predictable for me and all the more amazing! Who would have thought that with a little facial muscle training and some awareness and relaxation exercises, my asymmetrical face could change and come into balance in such a way? The workshop itself is full of small and big “aha” moments and treasures that I’m glad to be able to repeat it to reinforce everything I learned. The exercises are easy to replicate at home and fun to do. However, the biggest added value for me is the awareness of my habits that are not conducive to a youthful appearance. Time and time again I catch myself doing this and now I have a tool in my hand that I can use to better control my face, my smile and my expression, thereby gaining confidence. Renée has the ability, through her presence and powers of observation, to always make me look closely, to always pick myself up and grow beyond myself!


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