Yoga4Face® Time4Me: Strahlend in 30 Tagen!

Are you a woman over 40 who longs to feel sexy, comfortable and attractive in her skin again and likes to look at herself in the mirror again?

You want more joie de vivre, attraction and ease in everyday life?

Then I accompany you on this unique journey to your radiant self.


Renée Isermann lächelt

As the founder of Yoga4Face®, I have made it my mission to support women to

unleash their full potential and discover themselves in all their beauty.

In my 30-day transformational program, we will work together to overcome inner blocks, step out of control and self-sabotage, and build trust in yourself and your own abilities.



My program offers you a clear daily routine that will rebuild your strength and energy.

With a combination of specially designed yoga exercises, clear simple beauty routines,breathing techniques and mental training, you will feel stronger, more vital and more confident day by day.


    “Time4Me: Radiant in 30 Days” awaits you.

    • Daily guided training sessions without a yoga mat, specially tailored to the needs of women over 40 to remove the traces of aging from your face.
    • Mental training and valuable exercises to release inner blockades and to unfold your full potential.
    • Practical tips and clear daily routines for more strength, energy and zest for life.
    • A loving and supportive community of like-minded women who are on the same path.

    Your radiant life starts now!

    Are you part of it?


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I am looking forward to seeing you!

Your Renée