Yoga4Face: Preface


Change your life with your smile

“When I looked in the mirror one beautiful Summer morning, I was shocked.

What happened? Where did the radiance in my face go? What did my skin look like? I allowed my life to leave marks on my face.

A beauty surgery was not an option for me. So I set off, and went on my way to find a solution to bring back the radiance in my face again.

found the solution in Face-Yoga! In 2017, I completed the training to be a Face-Yoga-Trainer with the founder Fumiko Takatsu.

Over time I was able to develop my own method incorporating the last 30 years of experience and additional steps, which I will explain in the following sections.”

Renée Isermann

Yoga4Face: The Method

e-connect with yourself and unfold your beauty in only 4 steps. The Yoga4Face Method developed by Renée Isermann is a method with which ANYONE can make their face shine again and have their wrinkles disappear. Reduce those signs of age. Free yourself from your own personal restrictions and any need for external validation – and relish your newly gained confidence.

Before/After Pictures

The first step of the Yoga4Face method is the purposeful activation and relaxation of the facial and neck muscles with or without hands. This develops a new awareness for oneself, one’s face, one’s habits and one’s communication.

There are about 60 muscles in the face and neck. The founder of Face Yoga Fumiko Takatsu thought Renée Isermann how to train and relax these muscles.

Each year any form of emotion becomes clearer and more visible on the face. There is a saying that goes , “… that one is marked by life”.

Yoga4Face facial muscle training erases these signs.

The second step, activates the inner realignment new thought structures to increase self-esteem. The newly gained consciousness is physically anchored by directing the mirror inwards.

Outdated entanglements (also called foreign methylation in the epigenetics) are dissolved in this step by mental training, and the old Hawaiian Huna doctrine (according to Dr. Diethard Stelzl).

To support the inner alignment and the new appearance, the Yoga4Face method also uses ancient knowledge about the natural healing effects of essential oils from the French aromatherapy theory.

The Yoga4Face method provides guidance on how a complete reprogramming can take place at all levels through the targeted application of various therapeutic essences.

Another component of the Yoga4Face method is conscious breathing.

The emotional and mental state are influenced by Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and are brought into balance. A selective breathing method enables a more attentive and appreciative way of dealing with oneself.

The Yoga4Face breathing exercises teach you how to center yourself and provide you with new energy.

Yoga4Face: Customer reviews

Dr. Wolfgang Marder Hundsdorff

At first it was a challenge with many unknowns. In the end there were many new and great insights. I am still amazed what is possible in 33 days. You just have to keep going.
I am completely convinced.

Ilona Raska - Natural health professional

„Here is my resumé of the Yoga4Face seminar yesterday. A big thank you to Renée and the wonderful women who participated too. An overall unbelievable experience. After just one day of practicing, there was a clearly visible change – but one should of course continue to practice. It truly is a real and genuine make-over and new radiance that comes from within. Incomparable with any mask-like, artificial-looking result of botox or any beauty-op. It is effective and truly works. A holistic make-over. It lights the fire in us women, because we don’t have it done, but it is us who do it. And the combination with the wonderful essential oils just brilliantly complements the exercises.“

Claudia Greiter – Graphic design

„I did the first workshop out of curiosity. I wanted to understand what it is that Renée does, so I can support her better with my work and also recommend her the best possible way. I was completely surprised and amazed by the effects of the workshop. I couldn´t have foreseen it. Who would have thought that facial muscle training combined with awareness and relaxation exercises can change the asymmetry in my face and bring about greater balance and symmetry? The workshop is full of small and big surprises and light bulb moments. I am very happy to be able to repeat the workshop to consolidate what I have learned. The exercises are a lot of fun and are easily done at home. The added value for me, however, was to become more aware of habits that contribute to the aging process. I repeatedly catch myself repeating these movements, but I have now a tool at hand with which I can take better control of my face, my smile and my expression and thereby, I can also gain a lot of self-confidence. Through her present and her observation skills, Renée is able to support me to look closely, and push myself, to stand up straight, and to surpass myself.“

Jeanette Pacher - Veterinary practitioner

„I always love learning new things through books, but in this case, I prefer the seminar with the immediate opportunity to practice and receive feedback and if necessary, correction. Renée has a charming and entertaining way of explaining and demonstrating the exercises. After a joke, she skilfully takes up where she left off. She neatly cut down to the chase of the matter to unlock blockades and make sure that a clear result is visible. It is great fun to work with her. I recognized that all participants left with a little natural smile on their face. It is honestly delightful, how quickly you can see a positive result. Thank you!“

Denise Wesner – Employee

„I very much enjoyed the day. It was a fun and very relaxing day for me- I was so surprised to realise how much you move your body throughout a day and how it leaves marks on your face. Very fascinating what I learned in this seminar. Now I know what I can do to get rid of those wrinkles. I really noticed a difference at the end of the day. It was absolutely remarkable. The best thing about it are all the tips and tricks that you receive to tighten your skin and to do something good for your body. No drugs, no botox – and that’s what makes it so great. What I really felt, dear Renée, is the love and kindness that you shared with us. And I would like to thank you once more for this wonderful day.“